At our Boise chiropractic office we have served babies as young as a few hours old, pregnant moms, dads, and grandparents. Read below to see why we serve so many different ages and stages of life!

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Our Boise chiropractic office is a neurologically focused prenatal, pediatric, and family wellness healing space.

Pediatric Care

Find Out How Our Boise Chiropractic Office Can Help Your Child

Like adults, children experience various stressors that impact their overall well-being. Beginning with the stress of childbirth, there are many stressors that impact our little ones Our babies are born with a flexible brain to quickly learn and adapt to their environment. We call this neuroplasticity, and while it allows a baby to learn, it can also mean that they can become overwhelmed with stressors and experience nervous system dysregulation. If left uncorrected, a dysregulated nervous system can impact their growth and development. Pediatric chiropractic is a natural and gentle approach to improve the nervous system function and adaptability during this impressionable season of a little one's development.
Boise Chiropractic Pediatric

Here are a few indicators that you should have your baby checked by a pediatric chiropractor:

Your baby favors turning their head to one side. Difficulty latching or prefers one side over the other. Difficulty sleeping soundly or settling. Frequent ear infections and illnesses. ColicReflux. Constipation

Our Boise chiropractic office offers a drug FREE chiropractic option by gently and precisely removing the neurological stress and improving structure to help children thrive and express the best versions of themselves.

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally demanding on expectant mothers. Chiropractic is a safe and effective way to help alleviate discomfort, address added stressors to mother's changing body, while also preparing the mother's body for an easier birth and recovery after delivery. Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include: controlling nausea, relieving back, neck, and joint pain, improving sleep quality, reduction of labor and delivery times, prevention of cesarean deliveries ​

Postnatal Care

Having two children herself, Dr. Coffman knows how stressful the postpartum season can be. Recovering from birth, nursing, and interrupted sleep all have an impact on our physical body. Not to mention the emotional impact of growing a family. Given that chiropractic adjustments are shown to help us adapt to stresses, we are passionate about serving new mothers at Vessel. We're here to take stress off mom's body as it knits back together.
Boise Chiropractic Prenatal

Whole Family

Chiropractic is about restoring function to the nervous system and optimizing your overall health. The nervous system oversees every process in your body. It not only tells your muscles and joints to move, but your heart to beat, your intestines to digest, and guides your body to rest. This is why chiropractic care helps the body heal from much more than pain. Dr. Coffman uses a GENTLE and EFFECTIVE hands-on approach that is SAFE for your whole family. It is time to listen to our bodies and begin the process of healing.​

Boise Chiropractic Care

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