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Hello, I’m Dr. Coffman! I am a wife and mama striving to be a good steward of all I’ve been blessed with. This includes my family, home, health, and gift of facilitating healing. I am passionate about helping my Treasure Valley community achieve their full potential. I’m excited to help YOU live an optimal life through nervous system based chiropractic care and guidance in functional medicine.

Dr. Serena Coffman

My Functional Medicine Story - Dr. Coffman

Healing My Eczema

Healing my eczema My start in life was not very comfortable. After a traumatic birth, I wouldn't latch to nurse. I soon developed colic that kept my parents awake every night. At a few months old, I developed moderate to severe eczema. I had a lot going on! The eczema, along with environmental, animal, and food allergies followed me into adulthood. My mom did so much to try and help me. I tried many things as well. Fast forward to starting chiropractic school. A mentor of mine convinced me to attend my first seminar called, "Wholistic Methylation". I was picked to be a demonstration volunteer. Dr. J Dunn took a brief health history and walked through the process of assessing the function of my cellular cycles and what supported them. At the end, I was provided a handful of supplements that were specific to my body and its needs. Two weeks following the supplement recommendations, my eczema was 80% cleared... for the first time in my life. By addressing the root issue - my cellular cycles; such as energy production, detox pathways, and hormonal regulation, my body was able to start supporting itself. As time progressed, I noticed my environmental allergies improving. I no longer swelled up around cats. I could go to dinner at a friend's house and eat their homemade mac & cheese without a digestive flare. For the first time, the cellular cycles in my body had enough energy and resources to support my system. How freeing?!

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My Story Compared to My Daughter’s

As I moved through the chiropractic program, I also learned the value of the specific chiropractic adjustment. A traumatic birth had likely caused a lot of stress in the delicate bones of my neck, resulting in tension in my nervous system. This would have been very uncomfortable, and a contributing factor to my struggle to nurse. This started a snowball effect of losing out on valuable nutrients and immune support, an introduction of inflammatory cow’s milk (a big allergy for me), lack of sleep, and more.  Since the root cause wasn’t addressed, I didn’t grow out of this dis-ease. I only grew into more dysfunction. 

As I received regular chiropractic adjustments, my nervous system began to regulate.  The most meaningful expression of this was stress management. My body was able to adapt and process stress. I was no longer holding onto it in the form of tension and eczema flares. A true blessing! 

My story has felt far different from my little girl’s. When I noticed she wasn’t latching well at two days old, she received her first adjustment. She immediately latched comfortably! Already, I was able to create more ease in her life. Like many babies and kids under regular chiropractic care, she has been a happy girl, a wonderful sleeper, experiences few and mild illnesses, and continues to adapt well to her environment.  She is on her own eczema journey, and may be turning me into an expert on the matter – I hope to update her story soon!

I feel so blessed to know the power of chiropractic and root cause medicine, to be able to share it with my family, and now yours! 
Dr. Coffman

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