Functional Medicine

Whole Person | Root Cause | Food as Medicine

Your story matters. Your symptoms matter. Your life-style matters. 

Chiropractic Care

Gentle | Nervous System Based

Removing interference with your nervous system to allow your body to adapt and heal the way it was designed to. 


What others have to say.
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"After suffering the worst back injury of my life, that had me bed ridden, Dr. Coffman's gentle but thorough touch got me back on my feet within a week's time."

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"I've been adjusted by Dr. Coffman many times. She has a gentle and very precise techique, which is just what I needed. I have also asked her advice many times with Functional Medicine. She stays on top of the latest knowledge and always had great recommendations for simple yet effective changes I can make." 

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"As a dental student, I had a lot of upper back and neck pain when I first came to see Dr. Coffman. Now, with regular care, I have no daily pain. Would highly recommend her to anyone!"